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Mercury also just turned direct and joins fiery Leo on Aug. As we shake the water of Cancer off this month, we come more fully into ourselves and find that doors begin to open from the sheer force of our directed presence and desire.

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If there were a month to fake it till you make it, this would be it. For the full skinny, be sure to read your Sun and Rising sign! Happy early-late birthday, Leo! This is your month to shine as eyes are upon you with the Sun until Aug. Mercury also joins the party on Aug. The New Moon in your sign on July 31 has set you up for a memorable month indeed, so steep in your intentions for the first few days and anticipate the great things to come. With a cluster of planets going through the imaginative if diffuse 12 th House, you may find yourself alight with ideas but they may not move forward until the second half of August when the Sun, Venus, and Mars shift into the more active territory of your 1 st House.

A late-summer road trip, day meditation, or just getting silly with friends may be time well-spent the month before your birthday. When the New Moon arrives in your sign on Aug. Pluto and Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn continue to press through your 3 rd House of Communication, Research and Correspondence, giving you oodles of drive to express your point of view, albeit in ways fitting of your more stately nature these days. Pay special attention after Aug. The Sun and seductive Venus are right behind, energizing your sign and your need for cuddles after Aug.

Get out there and network this month as the build-up of planets in shining, happy Leo come in the form of supportive souls who share your vision of the world. The 11 th House of Friends and Future Plans is also where the New Moon of July 31 took place, promising that intentions you set in these areas are especially powerful.

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This is a month to be authoritative and really declare what you want and see what support you can dredge up with some magic from the Universe. Your voice will only get louder and stronger when Mercury moves from Cancer to Leo on Aug. A Full Moon on Aug. The recent planetary deluge in fellow water sign Cancer and your 9th House has made for deep reflection in terms of travel and educational plans, and has perhaps forced you to take an eagle eye view and spend less trying to control the little picture.

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With a planetary migration into Leo and your 10th House of Career, namely the Sun, Mars, and Venus, the name of the game this month is fake it till you make it, especially in terms of your career and any position which would have you seen by your adoring public. The attention could even be uncomfortable for private if provocative Scorpios, who would sometimes choose to stew privately in their own perspicacious genius. A great day to get things done and greenlight projects would be Aug. This month on Aug.

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Mysterious Neptune applying pressure to your Sun via a tense square aspect has forced you to do some rethinking, and perhaps forced you to get really clear on goals by letting go of one ledge. Play the long game, keeping attuned to great days for success like on Aug. It may be wise to pick a goal with an intended completion of Dec. Jupiter helps those who help themselves and this avuncular planet is begging for you to dream big and do your rightful part.

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Some intense days of communicating may kick off the month as Mercury opposes Pluto and Saturn in your sign, making for a veritable power stand-off. And some of the swingingest bands of that era a Tim Martin There are many reasons not to like Wetherspoons supremo Tim Martin, not least for the fact that his Can I Swear?

Boris Johnson. Can I swear? Fuck me! What about female veterans? The Boiler Shop Emporium returns for its autumn edition in October. All this and Bagpuss too… Live music lovers! The Hartlepool Folk Festival returns in October and, as Spooky stuff!

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Happening here! Bolton Castle, in North Yorkshire, is hosting a series of evenings featuring medi Scorpio Love and money planet Venus is in your sign, Scorpio, from the 8th. Capricorn From the 3rd, planet Pluto, which is about clearing clutter and letting go of the past, moves forward in your sign.

Pisces A big feel good factor for October comes from sharing: gatherings, meetings and celebrations are in store. July 9, Lindsay Curtis. May 22, Kim Wong-Shing.

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Advice Columns. April 30, Lindsay Curtis. April 1, Lindsay Curtis.

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