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After entering your city of birth, wait for a dropdown list to appear and select the right item. Check the UTC time offset provided by the generator and make sure it is correct, otherwise edit it manually.


Edit the green digit on the form accordingly. This is due to some restrictions on the number of requests made each time a city of birth is selected per hour and per day at maximum. We will find a solution to get rid of such limitations as soon as possible. It is possible to have trouble with children because they are a bit restrictive.

Prohibitions and rules can sometimes be compelling, but their good intentions are so obvious that it is hard for them to be angry.

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They have great pleasure from playing with their children and sometimes they can go to extremes to show their love. On the other hand, as a self-confident, leading-minded mother, they always make their children feel who the boss is. They take their children to piano lessons, dance, sports, science clubs and help them to discover their creativity and talents. While they are learning new things, she does not want to hold herself back.

Leo wants to be proud of her children and thinks that, the best child is hers.

What Type Of A Mother You Are Based On Your Horoscope?

We can call the virgo mothers as the Wikipedia or Googles of mothership. The children of these parents who are born to do everything in the most perfect and best way, of course, must also be perfect. Their being well organized helps children feel safe and learn to show their strong characters in this way. They will learn to be practical through their guides. Their having realist, down to earth moms make them prepared against the difficulties in life. They are very sensitive about health, and nobody should get sick in that house. The flow of time does not bother the Libra moments.

The children of Libra, who represent beauty and aesthetic issues, are interested in visual arts. Because while others travel in parks, they go to museums and art galleries with their children. It is possible to see a Libra mother, who is trying to maintain harmony in relation to her children as if in the rest of her life, dressed in the same suit as her three years old daughter. The scorpion mother is like a captain of the house.


She is the person who makes everything go well in the family. She certainly does not give the controller to anyone else. These complicated mothers can have a complicated pregnancy because they represent the reproductive tract. Scorpion mothers, who are control freaks, are aware of the need to free them when their children are the issue.

They want to raise strong, intelligent children who can make their own decisions. Scorpio parents who know how to combine humor and seriousness are well respected people for their children.

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The adventurous Sagittarius mothers amazed their children with their energetic personalities. The Sagittarius persons, which are not like the parents of others, feel lucky because they are friends with their children. They believe that their children need to learn by experiencing life and create opportunities for them. Playing games together, going to cinema, going to concert is a routine for that family.

How To Read Your Natal Chart & All Its Aspects

They do not impose rules, they joke and become two friends who grow together. So, what type of mother you are based on your horoscope is not a difficult question for them. Capricorn mother is strong, solid character and a little conservative. People with Sun in Cancer.

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